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  • Why do you need a professional website?

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    Your website is the online representation of who you are as a company. The viewer’s first impression online should be as poignant and powerful as your company’s product or message is in real life.

    In the 21st century marketplace it is extremely common for potential customers to view your website before they ever make contact with you. Customers will judge your business, your professionalism, your legitimacy and whether or not they should look to your competitors for what they need all based off what they see on that first, online query.
    When you have a professional build your website it shows. A professional web designer will make the site visually attractive, navigationally effective and streamlined with your company’s message and sales goals in the forefront. Professional web developers and programmers ensure that your code structure is clean and organized, your framework is solid and all the moving pieces ‘under the hood’ are in sync with the search engines. The end result of a professionally built website is a satisfied user and the opportunity for your company to close a sale that would have been missed otherwise. Choose who builds your website wisely…

  • Our website product

    graphic design, web development, advertising and marketing services for park city and heber city utah

    There are many reasons that Ignition Graphix could be the ‘missing link’ to your company’s online success:

    In order to maintain effectiveness in a dynamically changing industry such as web design and development – it is necessary to perpetually adapt to global trends, technologies and strategies. At Ignition Graphix we work diligently to stay abreast of these trends and maintain the necessary skill set to implement these new technologies and strategies at the highest level of competency.
    Some of the elements that make Ignition Graphix stand out in a competitive marketplace is that:
    1) All of our web design work is completed ‘in-house’.
    2) The code that we write is clean, organized and compliant with current W3C standards.
    3) We provide ‘open source’ framework options so that updates and upgrades can be easily worked into the site at a later date.
    4) We offer SEO strategizing and keyword optimization hard coded into the HTML body of your website.
    5) Ignition Graphix offers maintenance and support plans should you need help at a later date.
    6) We understand that we are building your company’s website (not our own) and we encourage you to be as involved as you want to be with your project.